Abi Mohamed #1 — 2018 Goals Revealed & Twitter Highlights

Abi Mohamed
5 min readJan 3, 2019


Photo credit: @minstroPhotos — #GoingToLiveMyBestLife

It’s time to share my sparkles & joys with you all. 2018 has been a good year, Alhamdulillah.

At the start of 2018, I decided to record my “Goals for 2018 & a current check-up” video as self-accountability.

Shout out @Mass3ra and the @AGTGROUPCO team for inviting me down to record my goals for the year. Full video below.

Full video — My 2018 Goals / Q&A from January 2018

So that was me back in January 2018. In the video, I spoke about; my 9–5 job, my side hustles, tools I commonly use and my experience of AGT during 2017.

Hello AGT Family — I think I have done most of the things I said in the video :)

Anyways, on to the good stuff. My 2018 highlights via Twitter posts & friends RTs and camera rolls. Let’s do this!!


We kick off the year with my first panel hosted by Muslamic Makers.

I talked about my 9–5 job, emerging digital concerns within councils & government bodies and their current IT infrastructure. Also touched on possible tech solutions we might see in the future.

At AfroTech Feast Conference 2018, my 1st ever solo talk. Highlighted the importance of data privacy (now & for the future) and how much is your data really worth.

27/1/2018 At AfroTechFeast
Machine Learning panel at AfroTech Feast 2018


Was invited by my family #thisisysys to a private roundtable with Arlan Hamilton (Founder of Backstage Captial).

15/02/2018 I look so happy next Arlan. Holding in tears! #thisisysys


Honestly, when I’m teaching coding. I’m in my element.

19/03/2018 Last day teaching these young girls HTML/CSS/ JS via Code First Girls

Was invited to be interviewed by Cathy for #GeekGirlMeets Podcast

Say ‘SelfieGameStrong’ with Cathy White


Had the opportunity to share my journey into tech with BBC Minute.

2/04/2018 BBC minute — lay down some of my future plans for the tech ecosystem.

At hatch enterprise, brainstorming ways to diversify & make the London start-up ecosystem better.

19/04/2018 — At Hatch Enterprise


Shout to my family & tribe #thisisysys, living my best life at their birthday brunch …

12/05/2018 YSYS 1-year birthday — speaking with Alex about tech

Had a lovely time at Foundervine SU54: SOCIAL ENTERPRISE. Running my UX masterclass.

27/05/2018 At EY & Foundervine — User mapping workshop for aspiring founders


London Tech Week 2018 was epic, from CogX, running UX masterclass at London Google Campus, speaking at Wonder Women Conference & WCAN panel at Google HQ!

CogX 2018
Mapping around users after 1st MVP UX masterclass
WWT 2018 Conference
WWT 2018 Conference
WCANetwork event at Google HQ
This is tech! WWT 2018 Conference

Also, I had the opportunity to represent as a tech role model to our digital pioneers from Europe. We share tips & tricks in increasing more women into tech.

Sharing my journey & listening to their journey into tech. It shows we all facing similar issues in our country.


Proudly signed & was part of the Letter to Sadiq Khan #wherearethefaces campaign. Shout to Deborah for starting the movement.


Community Growth Ventures was recognised for its impact on the London start-up ecosystem.

At Community Growth Ventures (CGV), we invest time and resources to help passionate founders create sustainable companies that deliver value to customers and the communities they operate in.

Tweet via Tech Nation


September was all about shaking & breaking the table. First stop, Disruption Summit Conference 2018.

Look, Saqid Khan & world read the letter. Next, create some future actions at London City Hall.

Invited to City Hall !! #wherearethefaces movement.


Black History month was amazing. Representing Community Growth Venture at Google HQ.

OMG! I was part of #progress1000 list London’s most influential people 2018 — SciTech: Science & Technology published by EveningStandard & Citi. So grateful

Can we all have a moment please, I’m on the same list as Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon.

Did my last UX masterclass to aspiring founders at Meeting Of The Mind 2018 event.

Credit to: MOTM — Workshop video snippet

Usually, my UX workshops (1 hour ) for aspiring founders include:

  1. What’s a visual map of the design process
  2. Empathy Mapping with users,
  3. How to prototype and
  4. Basic principles of UX.


As the weather was cooling down, I decided to have my last bit of fun.

Yesss finally built my 1st robot!

Tech Inclusion Conference 2018. Do you see the power in this picture? We are the faces of London Tech!

More fun stuff with #BehindEveryGreatCity campaign.

Lastly, I had a catch-up with my good friend Simon. Full video below.

Catch-up with Simon Tefula and talk about my journey so far, CGVentures, my impact on the tech ecosystem and more.


Ending the year with myself speaking at GeekGirl Meetup Conference 2018. Spoke about the start-up world, how to get investment and what we do at Community Growth Ventures.

Lastly, a catch-up with my team.

My CGVentures Family


Would like to say honestly I had the best time during 2018.

In reflection, this shows the power of your community. This year most of my team & allies actually became my family. Shout out to my mum who still believes I just click buttons for a living.

In 2019, I have a couple goals which I want to achieve which will stay private for now.

My mantra this year will be “Light tomorrow with today” (Elizabeth Barrett Browning).

Let's see if I have the same energy this year. Inshallah, what will be will be.