Abi’s Highlights #8

As 2022 comes to a close, every year I do a introspective and retrospective, set my new goals (privately) and post my last year’s achievements online. So here are my ’22 highlights!

Abi Mohamed
4 min readJan 9, 2023
December Tech Nation Libra & Cooley @ the 02: Mo Gilligan & Friends Comedy Show

Normally I post my tweets in these highlights but one of my goals last year was to live more in the moment and not force myself to tweet or post if I don’t feel like it. Looking at my ’22 twitter tweets, I didn’t tweet much, but busy working offline. But I have pictures. Excited to share my highlights with you, mainly all my work building on the Libra programme, ecosystem events and more.

January & February

I added my 2022 predictions on Rude VC blog, which mainly said:

“ My prediction for 2022 is that we will see more UK Black founders being funded by micro/solo funds, ex-founder turned angel investors or international institutional funds.”

I’m excited to say I have seen a few new micro/solo/SPV funds pop out this year, investing not just in Black founder(s) but underrepresented founder(s). Finally, we saw seed capital invested into awesome underrepresented-led startups, most of them are Tech Nation Libra Alumni. So proud!

Underrepresented founders: those founders that belong to a group that the venture industry as a whole underinvests in relative to the percentage of the overall UK population. Let me know in the comments below if I should create a list of new UK investors who are actively investing in underrepresented founders.

Over at Tech Nation, we are halfway through the Libra 1.0 programme. We started to host more specific events for Libra founders.

More information about Tech Nation Libra 1.0 programme

Commercial Contracts: the dos & don’t with Cooley.
Amazing conversation on how to scale & raise an institutional investment as a Black founder from a UK or US fund, a founder & legal perspective. So many gems were drops!

One thing I wanted to do more of was video content around incredible scaling UK Black founders, you can’t be what you can’t see. Most Black founder stories are American-centric, but where can you find UK Black founder-led content? Especially non-London-based founders. So of course to kick off the pilot we headed to Bristol, to start filming Libra Talks. Also, throughout the year, we filmed in London.

Filming day @ Engine Shed co-working space, in Bristol
LIBRA TALKS | How to communicate company milestones & celebrate wins as a founder. All the Libra Talks are now available via the Tech Nation Youtube channel.
LIBRA TALKS | What decisions have you made while running your company & balancing parenthood? All the Libra Talks are now available via the Tech Nation Youtube channel.


Was featured in International Women’s Day: six women leading the way in tech, and excited to see Abadesi Osunsade — founder of Hustle Crew, author, and co-host of Techish sharing her honest tech experience too. Also, was a judge for the Zinc & UKRI Healthy Ageing Catalyst Awards. Over at Tech Nation, we hosted the last Libra session and closed the programme via our cross-programme closing ceremony.

Top: Last Libra Session hosted by Cooley on US International Expansion with Passbook Ventures, moderated by Alex Knight Bottom-left: Closing Ceremony Sharing wins with Libra Cohort Bottom-right: Closing Ceremony

April & May

Libra 2.0 applications opened, and I started to attend some in-person UK ecosystem events, so great seeing people in real life rather than Zoom. I think it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded people to get inspired, brainstorm and have fun.

Libra 2.0 criteria changed slightly from Libra 1.0 to help even more founders who self-identified themself as an Underrepresented Founder in the UK. In the UK, Black founder(s) are still facing little/no access to equal opportunities across the tech ecosystem when scaling, but also some other ethnic groups are feeling blocked on the same issue. See HERE for more information about the new programme’s purpose.

Few events I went attended. Top-Left: Women in Tech Conference. Top-Right: Bloomberg Invest: Focus on Africa. Bottom-Right: Watching a panel at the Moonfire conference. Bottom-Right: Watching a panel at the ColorinTech Rise Demo night

I moderated a panel at the Tech Nation x Google “A decade of UK tech” event.

June, July & August

I had the opportunity to speak at London Tech Week.

Tiktok: London Tech Week Summary
Featured In the London Tech Week Video Series

I closed the Libra applications process and am excited to see over 100 applications after using a new process. Glad to have an amazing programme advisor to help me score & select the new cohort.


Launched the Tech Nation Libra 2.0 programme!

Infographic of the Libra 2.0
Tiktok summary of the Libra Launch

October, November & Decemeber

Moderating a panel at Colorintech’s Black Tech Fest, during Black History Month.

Moderating a panel @ Colorintech Black Tech Fest

Also, I had the opportunity to host a few events for the Libra cohort and attend some in-person social events in the UK startup scene.

Top-Left: Cooley & Libra Founders @ 02 for Kendrick Lamar. Top-Right: Tech Nation Rising Stars London Semi-Finals. Bottom-Left: Ruka event @ Google. Bottom-Right: With Ria Khan & Tash Grey at various events in Manchester.
Top: Cooley & Libra @ 02 for Gilligan. Bottom-left: Africa-Focused Founder-Investor Mixer by Ventures Platform x QED x AWS. Bottom-right: Selfie with Dama Sathianathan @ Tech Nation Founder Holiday Socials.

To conclude

I haven’t got much to add. I’m proud of who I am today and excited to see who I will be tomorrow. My mantra this year will be:

“If you lose, don’t lose the lesson.” ~ Dalai Lama

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