Abi’s Tweet Highlights #3

Abi Mohamed
2 min readOct 10, 2019
Photo Credit: Foundervine. 10 Downing Street Roundtable : Unlocking Entrepreneurial Capabilities in BAME Youth

Hi friends 👋 The summer heatwave is sadly over. It’s time to wrap up Q3 and I’m super excited to share some of my highlights with you all.

Who else had fun in the sun in London? Rooftops in Shoreditch and London Carnival ✨

Again, the purpose of this series is really for me to soak in the past few months. It’s for my own well-being and self-reflection. Let’s start!


In July, I had fun talking with Startup Van about seed fundraising and how CGV is supporting underrepresented founders (people of colour, women and LGBTQ) with their fundraising in the UK.

The Startup Van features short videos with some of the most talented, fun and influential people in the startup community and beyond!

Startup Van : Abi Mohamed ‘Hold onto early equity’ full interview

I was featured in ComputerWeekly Most Influential Women in UK Tech 2019 Longlist.

ComputerWeekly provides the latest information technology (IT) news and IT jobs.

Was featured by TLA Black Women in Tech

Black Women In Tech, a working group of @TechLondonAdv We educate, inspire & create opportunities.

Then this happened?! I was invited to 10 Downing Street. Special shout out to the Foundervine Team for hosting the roundtable.

Foundervine an inclusive start up community for young founders. Events. Networking. Community.

I had the opportunity to contribute my thoughts, share how CGV has contributed to the Unlocking Entrepreneurial Capabilities Roundtable discussion.


In August, the CGV team were all off for the summer break.

I had the whole month to catch-up with friends, enjoy the sun, and attend some events in the London Tech/startup scene.

Firstly, I was featured in The Codette Project. They used a statement I made a year ago which I still stand for ✨

The Codette Project aims to have a sustainable economic impact through providing minority women with awareness and access to the tech industry.

I had fun at my very first Womxn Breakfast at Google for Startups.

Also, my first time at TLA Women In Tech event.


The summer break is over and returning back to my CGV inbox was overwhelming.

Who else struggles with the ‘inbox = 0’ challenge?

Became one of the faces of ‘This is what a coder looks like’ campaign by Code First Girls.

Also, I reposted my full tech journey and how I go into my technical career.

Massive update!

As most of you all know, I join Tech Nation as a Programme Manager.

I had fun talking about fundraising with Future Girl Corp.

Future Girl Corp a platform with resources, advice, & events for future female CEOs.

I was featured by We Are Tech Women part of their Women in Tech Inspirational Woman series.

WeAreTechWomen supports women in technology in London.

Lastly, I hosted my 1st group pitch deck review in collaboration with YSYS and OneTech.

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