2021 is officially done, and honestly don’t know where the time has gone. Anyways here is my end-of-the-year public tweets retrospective!

Flashback to the Tech Nation Libra Launch Event at SecondHome
  1. I’m not angry anymore. When I started my Twitter account around 2017, I was fueled by anger and disappointment I had for the tech sector — early followers will remember me @ or highlighting any injustice I saw on my TL & my dramatic exit from my tech job and falling into the startup world. I have changed and grown since then. I’m calmer and at peace now. I can’t explain why as I haven’t unpacked and understood it myself yet.
  2. I live in the moment and forget to tweet, not sorry — it’s not like I’m not doing anything and sleeping in bed. I am working, but I’m not building publicly. Also, I love having fun, but it is all living in my brain rent-free because I don’t take pictures or tweet live.


Kicking off the year, we launched our community syndicate group at Community Growth Venture (CGV). It is always good to check in with the community to ensure it is fit-for-purpose with any new product or service, so we launched a survey. Surveys are super important, but we knew participation would be low, so adding an incentive helped!


Over at CGV, we were about to invest in our third company Datacy, but we faced a new angel investment dilemma. The round included some big size tickets from some big-named institutional funds, meaning we had to join in with a 100K ticket minimum or be pushed out of the round.


Featured on Lifetise Money & Me podcast — spoke about how I started to angel invest.


It’s April, started to go outside and socialise more. Also, CGV joins the UK Business Angels community.


The sun is out, and I finally launched the call out for the new Tech Nation Libra Growth Programme applications. The programme took over seven months to develop. Before launching it, I wanted to ensure the programme was solving a problem and not a vanity metric. I’m glad I did extensive user research and made it as user-centric as possible. You can read more information about the programme via my Everything you need to know about Libra 1.0 blog.


Join the Backed VC Live Office Hours


#2 Black Founder Closing Their Round: Afro and Curly haircare company Afrocenchix secure $1.2M.


No tweets. It was a super busy month — I was going through all the Libra applications. Looking at my camera roll, I was living my best life.


#3 Black Founder(s) Closing Their Round: Car insurance provider Marshmallow close a massive $83M round, and the company joins the UK unicorn list.


We are already in the last quarter of the year, and as you can tell, I’m not tweeting much anymore. Kicking it off, a quick flashback to the Libra Launch Event.


#4 Black Founder(s) Closing Their Round: AudioMob, allows brands to connect with the massive mobile gaming audience using in-game audio ads. Raised $14M. Fun fact three of the four investors were American.


My birthday month! And we just announced the Tech Nation <> Cooley partnership. Cooley’s partnership will offer the 30 cohort companies on the programme — most of which are seed, pre-seed or yet to raise their first funding rounds — practical guidance on securing institutional investment.

To conclude

2021 was a better year for sustaining more authentic relationships. I closed a lot of personal chapters & friendships. It was a great year in my work, and I’m happy with everything I have achieved so far. I had a lot of time to think about what was important to me in life, and I have decided I have to do a lot of inner work to feel fulfilled and happy.
I’m not going to include my focus for 2022 this time around because I haven’t finished my vision board yet. Taking my time as there is no real rush. My mantra this year will be:

“Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us.” ~ Earl Nightingale

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